Ride With the Owners


New to the area? Just passing through? The Driftless region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa is one of the most beautiful places to ride in the country. Check out some of the best rides around, chosen by our employees and customers.

How to use: When you see a ride you're interested in, just click "more options" in the top left corner. That will take you to Google Maps, where you can open an app on your phone or see detailed directions on a computer or tablet!

The Big Muddy

Ride the Big Muddy! Take this scenic route down the River Road through Minnesota and Iowa to arrive at Iron Hill Harley-Davidson. Around 1 and a half hours. Download a printable version here!

Fountain City to Arcadia Loop

Cruise north along the Mississippi before heading east from Fountain City. Loop around through Arcadia and find yourself back at Great River after a short 2 hour ride. Download a print version here.

The Prairie Ride

Take the Wisconsin side of the River Road south to Prairie Du Chien. Stop and check out some of the local flavor before heading up into the hills for a ride back through Viroqua. About 3 hours. Download a print version here!

Cresco-Decorah Ride

Take a long loop from Great River Harley-Davidson®. Ride west through Southern Minnesota, down into Iowa. Enjoy the rolling hills before coming back up through Caledonia. Around 3.5 hours.

Four Corners Loop

Get the best of Driftless Wisconsin in this ride. Head north from the dealership to the Council Bay area. From there, turn east until coming to Four Corners. Avoid the interstate on the way back by passing through Middle Ridge. Around 2 hours.

Local La Crosse Loop

Take a quick ride around town and see some of the cool sites La Crosse has to over. Ride up the hill to the scenic overlook at Grandads Bluff, then go downtown to see the World's Largest Six-Pack, Riverside Park, cross the Mississippi to La Crescent, and loop back. Around 45 minutes.

Mindoro Cut Loop

One of the most iconic rides in the area is the Mindoro Cut. Cruise up to Holmen then take a right through scenic farm country to the town of Mindoro. Take another right and enjoy the tight turns of the Mindoro Cut, then head down to West Salem and ride back to town! Around 1 hour.